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Italian cuisine is the result of historic centuries-old processes crafted by a society that has always led the way during significant moments in human civilization.

With Italians’ intrinsic focus on human relationships and quality of life, the culture of the table has become, over the course of time, a symbol of hospitality and welcome, and the food has taken on the same cultural significance and value as art and music. For these reasons, Italian food should be considered an important contribution to humanity’s heritage and should be defended and protected from adulteration and imitation to preserve its history, culture, quality and authenticity.

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The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sydney has been carrying the project for over 10 years.

Going beyond stereotypes, this guidebook shares the profiles of those Italian restaurants in the Australian states of NSW and ACT that are certified as genuine promoters of not only the culinary traditions, but also of the authentic products that make the flavours of Italy so distinctive and so widely imitated around the world. That amazing piece of the globe that surrounds the Mediterranean Sea has gifted humanity with ingredients that come together into what is recognized as the healthiest way of eating - the Mediterranean diet.

“To come to know Italian cuisine in all its variety is to discover the monumental differences, not only of language but of taste, mentality, creativity, sense of humor, attitude towards suffering and death, loquacity or taciturnity, that separate a Sicilian from a Piedmontese or a Venetian from a Sardinian. In Italy, perhaps more than anyone else, discovering local cuisine means discovering the spirit of the local inhabitants.”
[Umberto Eco]
With an uninterrupted storyline, ICCIAUS has been constantly monitoring and engaging with restaurants that can embody and deliver the authentic Italian experience of restaurant’s hospitality.

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